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Abuse possible as 2 tots injured
The Denver Post | October 20, 1998

Two victims of suspected child abuse are being treated at Children's Hospital, both of them in pediatric intensive care after suffering injuries at day-care facilities, authorities said Thursday.

Police said a 14-month-old boy from Aurora and an 8 week old boy from Greeley, both brought to the hospital Monday, may be victims of "shaken baby syndrome." They apparently were hurt while in day care and were in critical on Thursday.

Greeley police have arrested child-care provider Rene Gallegos, 29, in connection with the injuries the the youngest victim, Jonah Ruiz, who was born Aug. 26, Sgt. John Gates said.

"Gallegos reported to emergency personnel that the child...was not eating, was crying and was having breathing difficulties," Gates said.

A licensed day-care provider, Gallegos had cared for the boy for the past two weeks, the sergeant said.

Gates said Thursday that the child was on life support and unresponsive.

The baby was taken first to the North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, then transferred to the Denver hospital. The Child Advocacy Protection Team of doctors and social workers trained to detect non-accidental injuries reported his injuries as consistent wiht having been shaken, Gates said.

The case involving the 14-month-old boy also apparently occured at a licensed day-care provider in south Aurora, police spokesman Mark Hellenschmidt said. The toddler was taken first to Columbia Medical Center South, then to Children's.

He said the case still is under investigation and no arrests have been made.

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